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Hi, I'm Stuart McMillan. I'm an ecommerce professional, the Deputy Head of E-commerce, for the footwear retailer Schuh. Previously I was working for the fashion retailer AllSaints, where I was the E-commerce operations manager. Outside of work, I spend a lot of time reading about web development, usability, process management and any other on-line commerce information I can get hold of. I spend a lot of time outdoors, I'm a keen walker, climber, mountain biker, road cyclist, skier and amateur photographer. This site is a little bit about all that and more.

The day job. I'm responsible for the day to day operation of the ecommerce department, which includes digital marketing, merchandising & editorial. I'm responsible for the performance of the site, both commercially and technically; I also have a project management team reporting to me who look after all the changes we make to all our different sites. Since I joined Schuh in August 2012, this has been one of my first priorities.

My blog posts are not intended to be a 'how-to' guide, the internet already has plenty of resources concerning the subjects I talk about. It is more 'what to do', giving some insight as to the kinds of things I get up to in my day job, however, given my background they may sometimes get a little technical in nature. Hopefully there are some useful insights for any ecommerce professional, I'll try to eliminate the jargon!

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